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Save thousands of dollars compared to the cost of kits by doing it yourself!




Here is a 64 page step-by-step detailed narrative, including 73 photos and 25 drawings, for the conversion of any street or touring bike to the four-wheeled Trike+Plus configuration.  Benefit from the hard earned experience chronicled by this CD.  This design approach is applicable to any bike.


The “outrigger” wheel assembly is easily removable in 15 minutes to revert to the original two wheeled motorcycle configuration by undoing six readily accessible bolts.  The modifications to the bike itself are minimal, consisting of adding several bolt-on connecting brackets.


Why pay $15,000 for a permanent trike conversion when $900 (total cost) will give you the best of both worlds ... a Trike+Plus


The narrative thoroughly discusses the design considerations, materials, suspension system, welding, riding qualities and all other aspects that must be considered in producing a good looking safe conversion.  This information will save you time and money as you put together your own system while adding to the enjoyment of the entire project.  If you lack the skills, have the design fabricated for you and you will still be way ahead!  This really isn't all that difficult.


If you are even thinking about a conversion of any

 type, get this CD first!


Over 1000 Trike+Plus CD customers in 44 states and nineteen countries to date


The CD is in both Microsoft Word and PDF format for easy viewing and printout.


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You may see photographs extracted from this original comprehensive Trike+Plus CD and from this website appearing on other commercial websites.


If you are seriously considering purchasing Trike+Plus design hardware from any other  source, be certain to get this CD first.







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Links to commercial four wheeled

 trike conversion kits:

Builder’s Page

Last Update: 10/26/2020


My objective was to pass along some of the ideas and comments that Trike+Plus builders have submitted to me.  Some have deviated widely from my original plan while others have pretty much replicated it intact.  I have also included comments on features that were only covered in later editions of the Trike+Plus CD.  As of this date, there are OVER 1000 Trike+Plus builders spanning the United States, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands,  United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Singapore, Honduras and Portugal.

After the initial eBay listing, I have posted subsequent update items and build out photos on the Builder's Website.

We have a Trike+Plus Builders Discussion Group site on Google:    The site is open by invitation only to those who have purchased the Trike+Plus CD as new edition  material is freely posted for members.  The current CD is edition 10

Here is a site to pass along your own experiences, modifications and suggestions.  I'd also welcome comments that might improve future editions of the CD to help other builders.  Members will also find comments on Trike+Plus cross-country travel experiences and riding and handling properties on the group site.


Sample entries:

Ground Clearance:  One builder employed an unusual suspension design that left the frame only about 4 inches above the ground.   The basic motorcycle normally had a 4-1/2 inch clearance but it only has a four inch tire track.  The outrigger on the other hand, sweeps up about four to five feet of highway as it rolls along.  Remember that the maneuverability of a quad or trike is highly compromised from that of the basic motorcycle so the options to take evasive action are quite limited.  An auto muffler on the roadway could ruin a rider’s day if it wasn’t possible to safely pass over it by careful steering while staying in the lane.


This is one of several reasons that I favored the high platform with the suspension below the frame.  With 13 inch wheels, this gave me about 10 inches of road clearance.  If you chose to use the lower platform approach with the suspension above the frame, be very careful to achieve as much road clearance as possible.  In this particular case, the builder has decided to modify the rig and raise it lowest elements several more inches.


Auxiliary Lights:  Another builder had a neat lighting idea.  He not only utilized tail lights but he also intended to install forward facing running lights on the front face of his fenders.  He plans to use LED units to minimize the power drain.  The oncoming assembly looks like a semi-tractor trailer approaching you … one can’t help but notice it day or night.  The toughest part of this modification was routing the wiring through the frame to the forward fender location.  He did not think of this addition until the frame was finished so will have to run the wiring external to the frame.  In the CD I discuss planning ahead and using a messenger wire before the frame elements are fully assembled and welded.


Don’t Put Your Foot Down!  This is a standard admonishment to trike riders and I passed it along to Trike+Plus builders in my CD.  What I forgot to mention is that after riding the Trike+Plus for a while, I almost forgot to put my foot down when I reverted to the basic motorcycle again!!  How quickly we forget at my age.


 Outrigger Width & Clearance:  I have now had the pleasure of riding several designs that are narrower than the 64 inch wide version I built.  Smaller and higher mounted exhaust pipes allowed the suspension elements to stand off a lesser distance.  One design used a radically different swing arm suspension approach and yielded a narrower 55 inch overall width on a small sport bike.  Riding this narrower version was very pleasant, especially when making turns at an intersection.  The narrower span reduces the amount of steering pressure to maneuver.  It is worthwhile to look for options that keep the overall width to a minimum.


LED Turn Signals:  LED's are great for running lights as they draw so little current.  However, they may not work properly as turn signals if your bike was originally set up for incandescent bulbs.  The turn signal capacitor seems to be at the heart of the problem. 



Softening the Suspension:  To provide a softer ride, I eventually cut approximately 5 inches from the torsion suspension’s torque tube.  This reduced the spring constant (stiffness) by about 43% and  improved the quality of the ride.  I  recommend one to consider this when using the 250 lb per wheel load range torsion suspension system.  Doing this also allows for a design with as much as 10 inches less in overall width if desired.  The edition 9 CD covers this option in detail.




Ground Clearance Importance!!! I have had a number of emails commenting on the importance of adequate ground clearance which the Trike+Plus design does have .... normally about 10 inches which is substantially better than your automobile.  Some of the commercial kits available have only 4 inch ground clearance so they are very susceptible to highway debris.  Remember, the ability to "swerve" a trike is quite limited compared to a bare motorcycle. 


Completed Trike+Plus:  I just got this photo from Ed Berry in Lancing Michigan showing his 1984 Goldwing with his version of a Trike+Plus.  Appears as if his stock saddlebags snugly nestle right in there.  As discussed in the CD, you will find a variety of fender styles and wheel choices on line



The Pride of Ireland

Here are some other custom variations on the basic design that builders have employed.  Here is the photo that George Brown sent me from Castlepollard, Ireland .  If you are wondering, George says the stainless steel tank on the back is a Guiness keg (just for show of course).  I imagine George is one of the most popular guys in town!  We now have builders in nineteen countries.



Florida's Finest

There is the version that Allen Traugh built in Hastings, Florida.  This design also carries the platform forward to the riders foot rests with the same quality platform finish.  The "good luck anti-Gremlin" bells finish of the job perfectly!



Farm Utility Special

Here is an adaptation that is certainly made to "work".  This conversion is in for some serious hauling!













Scoter Adaptation

This is the first scoter adaptation that I have seen.  The challenge here appears to be in the selection of the best bracket attachment points.




Goldwing Conversion:

Here is another beautiful adaptation of the Trike+Plus design by Mike Morabito in Waterloo, New York.  Mike is an experienced mechanic and put his project together for under $1000!  Great craftsmanship.





A French Conversion:

Roberto Lamaille of Roussillon, France sent me these photos of his adaptation of the design to his 1997 Honda VT 750C.  He used the under axle approach for the outrigger platform, used the full length torsion suspension tube and ended up with superb riding qualities although ground clearance is somewhat reduced.


Canadian Special Goldwing Conversion

Here is a beautiful adaptation of the basic design by Daivd Ledingham who lives in Ferintosh, Alberta, Canada.